13 Jul

UTW collaborates with the University of Huelva in the “Master Degree in RPAs”

UTW collaborates in the “Master Degree in RPAs” organized by the University of Huelva. 50 experts will teach to 30 students in a Master that tries to give a unique formation in the sector; the aim is to develop professionals who could lay the foundations for the RPAS to join the non-segregated airspace. With the cooperation of the INTA, it is part of the project CEUS (Center of Excellence on Unmanned air Systems) which mission is to create a center of experimentation in ” The Arenosillo “, Huelva, which will be among the most advanced in the world and a reference in Europe providing an ideal environment for UAVS MALE (medium altitude, long endurance) and HALE (high altitude, long endurance) test flights.

UTW collaborates providing its experience and hosting trainees. We are grateful to the Assistant Director of Coordination and Companies for explaining to us this project as well as for his contagious enthusiasm.

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