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UTW provides consulting services in the development of applications and unmanned aircraft systems. We help you choose the platforms, systems and data processing software that best fit your needs. We also provide pilot and observer to carry out the mission; we process the necessary permits and hire the right
insurance for the operation as well as the data collected from the operation in the required format. In case you need a platform or specific software for your mission, we help you assess the investment required and even be part of your project.


Environmental Protection

We improve the safety of scientists, the repeatability of the data and multiply the alternatives for monitoring and data capture.

Orthophotography and Photogrammetry

We optimize costs and reduce the required time of data acquisition. We ensure quick and easy measurement repeatability for comparative studies.

Maintenance and Inspection of infrastructures

We minimize materials and human risks, optimize costs and collaborate on establishing optimal maintenance plans.

Communications and Logistics

We provide new solutions for optimizing the distribution of goods in commercial ports.

Rescue and Law reinforcement

We reduce evaluation and response times to incidents. We reinforce the security forces in surveillance
and research tasks.

Precision Agriculture and fisheries

We optimize costs and ensure the sustainability of the activity by increasing the volume and quality of customer’s crops and fishing.


n UTW we are characterized by adapting our procedures and service models to our customers needs.

We offer technical assistance, provide training on demand, execute projects and turnkey operations, we collaborate as partners in new developments, provide pilots and observers to you to carry out your operation, etc…
Please don ́t hesitate to contact us to tell us about your needs and get a quote or estimate.

  •  Consultancy.
  •  Training on demand.
  •  “Turnkey” projects.
  •  Maintenance contracts.
  •  RPAs/Pilot renting.
  •  Operations on demand.


Cost improvement

Save time

Increases safety

Empowers decision making

The hourly cost of an operation done with RPAS can become on average between 5 and 10 times lower than the one achieved with unmanned means (light plane / helicopter) or other material resources (cranes / height works).

Drones allow measurements and inspections 50 times faster than not airbone systems, enabling optimization by coordinating multiple systems in parallel.

UAVs eliminate inherent risks to manned operations or work at heights. Unmanned systems decrease operational time in dangerous places due to their quick data collection.

RPAS facilitate and increase options for data collection and allows presenting them in real time to multiple users.