In recent years, The RPAs have turned into an indispensable tool for the data collection process due to its effectiveness in improving time/costs and at the same time providing very satisfactory results.

Photogrammetry applications have adapted to the information (graphical and position) provided by the RPAs, forming altogether a powerful tool for flight planning, data acquisition and post-processing for the generation of the different professional formats used (DSM / DTM/ Cloud points / Contour / Topographic Map).

Another application is the surveying of land using an airborne laser system called LIDAR (LIGTH Detection and Ranging). Data generated along with their georeference are a powerful tool for engineering studies, mining, archeology, maintenance of cultural heritage and documentation, among others. Unlike other methods, the information does not depend on photographs, avoiding the technical problems associated with changes of light / shade and variations of slopes, being able to cover big extensions in a short period of time.