Thermographic inspections are increasingly demanded by customers. The possibility of using thermal images in RPAS has opened the field of application because of its usability, time reduction and ability to access areas which were not easy to inspect before.

Its use with RPAS is particularly suitable to analyse energy efficiencies of buildings and industrial facilities.Thus, they provide an important tool to control production processes, fault clearance and preventive maintenance activities.

Thermography with RPAS is particularly useful for the inspection of photovoltaic facilities. The possibility of using combined visible and IR cameras combined with the georeference data of the detected anomalous points, facilitates the park maintenance and efficiency.

In electrical distribution, catenaries railway and complex industrial installations; thermography (IR / UV / Visible) with RPAS is particularly suitable for inspection tasks of hot spots, analysis of distances (between drivers, soil, and wooded areas), crown effect or visual inspections. Its use reduces time, costs and human risks associated with the nature of the activity.