In UTW we promote collaboration with other companies, universities and technology and research centers. We firmly believe that, by developing our business in a developing market in the current economic climate, partnerships are the key to success and sustainability of our project.

The only requirement to collaborate with UTW is that you share our values which you will be able to find in our Corporate Social Responsibility. If you find synergies with our project do not hesitate to contact us.

They say I am a hero, I am weak, I am shy, almost negligible. If that is what I am and I did what I did, imagine what you can all do together.

–Mahatma Gandhi

Reducing uncertainties and weaknesses. Adding up capabilities.

By facilitating access to economies of scale or promoting the economy of scope. Opening doors to innovation through “cross-fertilisation agreements”, generating new useful knowledge for common projects. Identifying synergies between the companies to avoid the duplication of sources and efforts, improving the effectiveness of the activities that each company dominates and optimizing the resources contributed by the partners.

Strengthen competitive positions.

Partnerships can be the key to access new markets, saving administrative, technological or cultural barriers. They are useful to reinforce the positions of the partners given the need to achieve major turnover or rapid launch of some product or service to the market.

Increase the feasibility and applicability of new technologies.

Facilitating to universities and technology centers the access to management expertise, negotiation and access to economic resident resources in the business executives.

Increasing contact with the real market and facilitating the integration of students into the labour market. Orientating researches to cover the market needs.

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