I never thought we could change the world, but I think every day things can be transformed. –Françoise Giroud.

UTW grows with an eye on the long term objectives, we cannot even imagine the potential that current technology will develop in ten years time, but every day we will take the necessary steps to discover it and be part of that future.

We have the strong commitment to invest at least 15% of our revenues to R&D activities and deal with technology centers, research organizations and universities as customers and referred partners.

Alliances, multidisciplinarity and adaptation to market needs.

We are open to collaborate in the development of new projects with other companies, being strong supporters of the collaborative economy. Part of our mission is to close the gap between end users of technology and their drivers; therefore we will always focus our attention on the involvement of our customers into new developments.

Training and Communication. The key to success for innovation and the environmental acceptance.

Of course, there is no innovation without continuous training and learning, but we don ́t only have to train in our industry, we need to educate and inform our potential customers and partners.

We need a disruptive technology, such as unmanned vehicles applications, to receive the support of both the end customer and the rest of the society. Therefore, our key mission is to promote communication.

Increasing security. Our continuous focus.

The development and incorporation of “sense and avoid” and “command and control” systems are the keys to improving security operations and expanding their limits. Furthermore, incorporating “antihacking” and “controlled landing” systems in situations of loss of control is, undoubtedly, a priority area for innovation.

Environment. No development will be enough.

Our greatest asset requires all our efforts. We demonstrate that the incorporation of unmanned vehicles in research activity, preventive and surveillance of environmental protection will contribute significantly to the optimization of the resources dedicated to this important task entrusted to us.