Mission, Vision and Values

To succeed, we must have a desire so strong that it reaches and permeates our subconscious mind

–Kazuo Inamori

Our Mission

Unmanned Technical Works UTW offers solutions, consulting and technology services to various sectors in the field of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), also known as RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) and commonly called “Drones”.

Our Vision

UTW is a business project which has been built with long-term vision and with the firm belief that maintaining a company profile based on innovation, with a strong technological base, offering efficient and safe solutions to innovative customer will allow us to fulfill our mission efficiently.

“Our vision is becoming leaders and reference experts in Europe and LATAM, in a new model of business operation services with RPAS, boosting the technological development of the sector which reverses in the economical and environmental improvement of our society.

Our Values

Caring for people. Being a good place where you can work and feel motivated at the same time.

Much of our project success depends on the people who work in UTW. One of our main objectives is generating a pleasant working environment in which continuous innovation and improvement of the products and services is promoted.

Environmental protection. Integration into society and environmental respect.

Providing benefits to society and contributing to the environmental protection are more important than economic performance to achieve the fulfilment of our mission. Therefore, the collaboration with NGOs and government agencies of attention to the environment will always be priority activities.

Safety and Operations. The search of zero risk.

The continuous improvement of the safety in the operations is one of our priorities. Ensuring that they carry the minimal possible risk to the environment and, in case of incident, we have the most efficient action plans are daily aims of our work.

Excellent service in terms of quality. Our customer as the center of our organization.

The key in this aspect is Efficiency, Excellence and Customer Success. For it, the employee training will be one of the fundamental aspects as well as the establishment of operational processes that ensure a complete and exhaustive protocol for action and quality assurance of the service provided.

Why UTW?

In UTW we are concerned about being trained in the latest technologies and platforms in the industry,providing the most adapted technological solutions to your needs. Furthermore, we have a wide network of partners (manufacturers, developers, pilots) who make UTW an agile and dynamic company in the quick response to the needs of our clients.

  • Consulting, training and applications development for unmanned vehicles
  • System integration on trading platforms
  • Planning and operations of RPAS
  • Mission data process/analysis and technical reports


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you think you could contribute to our project, we’ll really appreciate all feedback, ideas or support, as this helps us improve on our project. In addition, we are currently hiring engineers or technicians with broad experience in application design/onboard software or RPAS and pilots certified by an ATO.)

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